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i fucking love scripts.

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↳ Kenna asked: Teen Titans or Young Justice

There is good and there is evil. There are those who commit crimes, and those who stop them. The two sides are opposite, as different as day and night, and the line between them is clear. Or at least it’s supposed to be.

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“some historians think that michelangelo was drawing god in a human brain. very few people knew what one looked like at the time; but michelangelo had dissected cadavers and would have known. it even has the hint of a brain stem. if true this would have been a great “fuck you” to the pope whom he was not friendly with but also would have meant god was in a human brain, or created by man.”


also michelangelo painted a baby angel flipping off the pope


the blond one, you see his right hand? that’s called the fig and it’s an old world european gesture for ‘fuck you” because apparently Pope Juluis II was a total raging asshole and everyone hated him

but nobody ever noticed this little fucker because the ceiling was so high

and then thirty years later they called michelangelo back to paint the wall behind the altar and he wasted no time in painting the gates of hell behind the pope’s chair

what a badass

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Pompeii (Cinematic Version) - Bastille (accompanied by a twenty-piece string orchestra) (x)


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No Sven, we're not going back. She's with her true love.

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Something I realised, after having to help many international tourists count out their change, is that American coins don’t actually have the number value on them??? Like no wonder all these poor tourists are so confused



it just fucking says one “dime”

what the fuck is a dime

how much is it worth

whose idea was this

oh my god i never even realized that what the hell we all just sort of know what they’re worth through some sixth sense bullshit

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this website SAVED MY BRAIN when i was a stressed out college student who couldn’t stop flipping out long enough to prioritize. quite a few of you are still suffering through college so i hope this helps you too!! c:

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Game of Thrones Workout


 10 pushups every time arya stark kills someone

 20 sit ups each time someone declares themselves king/queen

 10 jumping jacks for every boob

1 minute plank every time bran has a creepy ass vision

12 jacknives each time someone’s guts fall out

15 cherry pickers each time a Lannaster promises to pay their debts

10 side crunches every time Jon Snow is underestimated

 12 leg lifts each time the red lady seduces someone (15 if he’s under the age of 25)

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